About Us - PhoenixAds.co.in

We enable marketers to reach their target markets through the internet which is one of the fastest growing media channels in the world. We do this by providing a comprehensive solution for planning and implementing profitable online advertising campaigns. As an online media and technology company, we serve two primary groups:

  • Advertisers:
    We provide advertisers with access to a network that enables them to deliver relevant ads, targeted to specific users and content. Network advertisers are instantly connected to a wide range of high quality placements on the web's most heavily frequented content destinations.

  • Publishers:
    We provide members of our network with a program which allows them to deliver ads that are relevant to both the content of their websites and the audiences they attract.

We are committed to improving the user-advertising experience by enforcing high standards for ad and content quality, and working with industry bodies to develop standards and guidelines. We work with industry leading ad delivery and optimization technologies to ensure that we are delivering ads that are most relevant for our partners.

Our key differentiator is our superior technology. It serves as the foundation on which our rapid growth and success has been built. We attribute our rapid growth to our superior technology, which enables us to deliver better performance to advertisers and higher revenues to publishers.


To deliver value, performance and measurable success in online media solutions for all our partners.

Core Values

  • Client Satisfaction

    We work with our partners and clients to meet and exceed their goals and to turn their vision into reality.

  • Quality

    We maintain the highest standards of quality in selecting our publisher partners and in meeting our advertisers needs.

  • Innovation

    Advertising and Technology innovation is the cornerstone of our growth and success.